Emirates Airlines Golf Day – Hosted by Airmen Golf Club & Recreational Park on the 8th of December, 2018.
LAUNCHING SOON!! Airmen Golf Club Members now get to enjoy the ease of ordering food & drinks and reserving various recreational facilities at the club simply via a fully automated portal!

Here at Airmen Golf Club & Recreational Park, our main aim is to make you (our valued members), feel at home. We strive to provide a clean and appropriate environment for the people that have earned their ways in life to be a part of this prestigious facility. Every – Member – is valuable to us and we promise deliverance.

This close knit community that we aim to form at Airmen Golf Club & Recreational Park, will bring us all together as family. It will bring people from different walks of life, different fields, together. And along with us, AGC&RP will serve the purpose of a second home to all of you.

Every single one of our members has the right to call AGC&RP their home, and that is how they shall be treated with every single visit.

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