Congratulations – Muhammad Shabbir has WON the Championship
We thank our Honorable Chief Guests, Pakistan Golf Federation, The AGC&RP Management, Labors, Participants, Sponsors and The Pakistan Air Force for a successful 38th CAS Open Golf Championship.
4th Indus Hospital Golf Tournament, 2019 held at Airmen Golf Club & Recreational Park on 10th of February, 2019 Click here
All New, State of the Art Air Lounge – Launching Soon
Airmen Golf Club & Recreational Park, Korangi Creek Karachi, 75190
10:00 - 18:00


Airmen Golf Club and Recreational park is a unique recreational facility spread over 180 acres of Karachi’s pristine mangroves. The facilities offered are unparalleled and unique throughout the country, just 20 minutes from the busy Metropolitan city of lights. Here, nature and urbanization coexist. What do we offer? A completely different experience to elevate and rejuvenate the soul, out of the daily troubles of life.

Airmen Golf Club & Recreational Park is the contribution of the Pakistan Air Force to the city of Karachi. This project was conceived in 2003, and was patronized throughout by the PAF. The club is located at the PAF base Korangi Creek.

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We Are Growing…

Chalet Renovation
Main Entrance Development
Sports Complex
Online Canteen System
Roof Top Restaurant
Main Road Construction


From Chairman AGC & RP

AGC&RP is a very unique gift to the City of Karachi.

There are major developments taking place at the Club and we hope this will encourage more like minded individuals and families to join our team and indulge themselves with adventurous and breath-taking facilities here at AGC&RP.

Air Vice Marshal Salman Ahsan Bukhari, TI(M),
Air Officer Commanding, Southern Air Command,
Pakistan Air Force.

From Secretary AGC & RP

Dear Members,

It is a wonderful feeling indeed, to introduce myself as The Secretary Golf at your very own Airmen Golf Club & Recreational Park. I have received hundreds and thousands of messages, phone calls, emails and personal visits from friends within the golfing fraternity, overwhelming me with greetings and best wishes on my new assignment. I am extremely happy, but at the same time, feel more responsible to deliver at par with the expectations of my members.  

For the last 15 years, golf has been more than just a sport to me. It has been a passion, a life-long commitment and a chosen lifestyle. And now, after securing the position as The Secretary of one of the most prestigious golf clubs in Pakistan, I certainly feel privileged.

Let me share an anecdote with you. A friend and a fellow golfer, upon learning about my new appointment, asked me whether I had taken this position as a challenge, or as an opportunity. To that I replied that for me it is an amalgamation of both. Opportunity – being able to represent and work for the betterment of the sport as part of a reputed Golf Club and; Challenge – is restoring the faith of the members in our golf course, which is not only one of the best surfaces to play on, but also one of the most exotic terrains to master their golfing skills on.

We certainly have some way to go when we talk about the overall golfing experience, but I assure you that the process is already in motion. The golf course is undergoing an extensive maintenance regime. Two new midway huts will soon be fully functional with all the supplies that a golfer may need during the round of golf to replenish and refresh themselves. The most advanced Sports Complex and a state-of-the-art Club House are under construction at a fast pace. More family-oriented activities are being added each month.

All this, and much more to come, certainly makes AGC&RP the most sought-after golf club in the country. We will all work together to make the club our second home. In the end, I would like to wish you all a very prosperous and promising 2018. Airmen Golf Club is poised to move forward.

Syed Shahjahan Salahuddin
Secretary Golf – AGC&RP

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