Congratulations – Muhammad Shabbir has WON the Championship
AGC&RP will host a BMI Campaign on the 23rd of February, 2019. Come and get your readings taken and evaluated by our Fitness Specialist and Nutritionist, Zain Nawab. Click here to enroll NOW!
We thank our Honorable Chief Guests, Pakistan Golf Federation, The AGC&RP Management, Labors, Participants, Sponsors and The Pakistan Air Force for a successful 38th CAS Open Golf Championship.
4th Indus Hospital Golf Tournament, 2019 held at Airmen Golf Club & Recreational Park on 10th of February, 2019 Click here
All New, State of the Art Air Lounge – Launching Soon


TypeEligibility CriteriaMembership Entrance FeeSecurity DepositMonthly Fee
Civilian MembersAll law abiding citizens of Pakistan can apply for this membership.Rs. 900,000
(transferable, saleable, non-refundable)
Rs. 100,000 (refundable)Rs. 2,200 plus Rs. 600 per dependent child
Senior CitizenIt is open to all Pakistani Nationals of 60 years and above.Rs. 300,000
(non-transferable, non-refundable, non-saleable)
Rs. 50,000 (refundable)Rs. 1,700
Retired Defense Forces PersonnelIt is open to all retired personnel of the armed forces (PAF, Pakistan Navy and Pakistan Army).

The members of SOBA (Sargodhian Old Boys Association) are also eligible to apply under this category.

Rs. 50,000
(non-transferable, non-refundable, non-saleable)
Rs. 25,000 (refundable)Rs. 2,000
Intellectual Special Person MemberApplicants will get the membership under this category after submission of special CNIC or Disability Certificate from Government of Pakistan.

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