Emirates Airlines Golf Day – Hosted by Airmen Golf Club & Recreational Park on the 8th of December, 2018.
LAUNCHING SOON!! Airmen Golf Club Members now get to enjoy the ease of ordering food & drinks and reserving various recreational facilities at the club simply via a fully automated portal!

In today’s environment, learning self defense is not a luxury, but an absolute necessity. There is a dire need for shooting facilities, especially in the harsh surroundings or Karachi, where licensed gun owners can safely learn self defense, as well as recreational shooting along with their families

AGC&RP offers just an exclusive facility where well trained and experienced range masters ensure that this exciting, yet highly dangerous sport is enjoyed in a safe and secure environment.

Gun enthusiasts are increasing by the number. Our state of the art facility would provide such enthusiast with the perfect setting to empty their holsters. The firing range boasts to be multi-purpose, in serving both expert marksmen, as well as first timers.


Weekends only – 10:30 AM to 6:30 PM


GUN CLUB: Booking at least two days prior.

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