Congratulations – Muhammad Shabbir has WON the Championship
AGC&RP will host a BMI Campaign on the 23rd of February, 2019. Come and get your readings taken and evaluated by our Fitness Specialist and Nutritionist, Zain Nawab. Click here to enroll NOW!
We thank our Honorable Chief Guests, Pakistan Golf Federation, The AGC&RP Management, Labors, Participants, Sponsors and The Pakistan Air Force for a successful 38th CAS Open Golf Championship.
4th Indus Hospital Golf Tournament, 2019 held at Airmen Golf Club & Recreational Park on 10th of February, 2019 Click here
All New, State of the Art Air Lounge – Launching Soon



Airmen Golf Club & Recreational Park provides its members a truly unique and tranquil experience at the Sea Front Chalets.

The Chalets at Airmen Golf Club & Recreational Park are located due south of the clubhouse, amidst the embrace of the untouched beauty of Karachi’s Natural Mangroves. They calmly rest upon the warm, life giving waters of The Arabian Sea.

Equipped with an inviting bedroom, a bathroom – with state of the art jacuzzis (Deluxe chalets only), an elegant lounge and a serene patio, your experience is considerably elevated to fulfill your expectations as our esteemed clients. The continuous cycles of high tide vs low tide boasts a robust variety of plant and animal life throughout the year, and that is where we chose to erect five tastefully furnished Chalets for our valued members to escape into the tranquility, away from all worldly affairs and influences.

Elevate, Rejuvenate and Resuscitate your soul at the Chalets offered here at Airmen Golf Club & Recreational Park. Truly, an experience like none other throughout the country.

Airmen Golf Club & Recreational Park offers 5 Chalets, (4 Deluxe and 1 Suite). For information regarding bookings and reservations, please contact the front desk at 021-35152267.

Please refer to Chalets Rules and Regulations to ensure smooth running of operations.


Announcement! Chalet booking will only be taken between 10 am to 6 pm.

For further details & Booking. Contact: 02135152267


Deluxe Chalet For Members: Rs. 10000 (per room per night)

Suite Chalet For Members: Rs. 16000 (per room per night)


Deluxe Chalet For Guest: Rs. 15000 (per room per night)

Suite Chalet For Guest: Rs. 22000 (per room per night)

Chalet Reservation

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