Emirates Airlines Golf Day – Hosted by Airmen Golf Club & Recreational Park on the 8th of December, 2018.
LAUNCHING SOON!! Airmen Golf Club Members now get to enjoy the ease of ordering food & drinks and reserving various recreational facilities at the club simply via a fully automated portal!

Our Clubhouse has been meticulously crafted with an emphasis on modern design, precision and efficiency – keeping unsurpassed service standards in mind.

The Modern/Contemporary interior, mainly consisting of neat lines and minimalism allows natural light to flow in, which compliments the surroundings. As soon as you walk in, it is easy to feel the airiness around you, contributing to the “feel good” factor, especially around the lobby. The overall “sophistication in simplicity” point of view comes to life, and that is what makes every visit of yours an experience that you wouldn’t want to walk away from.

Staying true to the vision of Airmen Golf Club & Recreational Park, the decision to construct a brand new Clubhouse and Sports Complex has been executed. Our team will incorporate the newest ideas and up to date features in the complex designs, and will guarantee our customers an experience like none other throughout the whole country.

Facilities Which Would Include

  • Temperature controlled indoor swimming pool
  • Dining rooms
  • Squash courts
  • Gymnasium
  • Tennis courts


WEEK DAYS – 07:00 AMTO 11:00 PM

FRI, SAT & SUN –  06:30 AM TO 11:00 PM

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