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For many who play the game of golf, the thrill and excitement is purely about the game itself. Being able to shave off one more stroke from their average scores is near euphoria. Finding consistent ways to eek extra yardage from their drives. Sinking putts with fewer strokes all keeps them coming back time and again.

Most golfers, ardent and casual alike, there is one thing both groups tend to agree on: an amazing golf course will not only take ones breath away, but also forces the player to lift their game play to the level of beauty which surrounds them on the links. Understanding that concepts like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder, and it could be argued that most any well cared for golf course could be considered an amazing manipulation of nature. Take for instance, courses that have been designed and built in desert climates.

Putting aside water requirement issues, seeing such man made oasis in an otherwise barren landscape may well be agreed upon as an amazing thing. When it comes to golf and players expectations, however, the more unique, challenging, and beautiful a course is, the more likely it will be considered highly rated on someone’s amazing list.

Following is a list with links to some of the more accepted courses many golfers only dream of being able to complete a round at. Having the good fortune to tee off at any of these 5 golf courses might come as one of the highlights of many golfers’ lives.

5 Unique and Sought After U.S. Golf Courses:


  1. Pine Valley Golf Club: This course is consistently in the top one or two spots in most magazine and sports writers list of best courses. With consistently good weather and extremely high ratings for those who’ve completed play there, you are sure to have an amazing outing at Pine Valley.
  2. Augusta National Golf Club: That’s correct. You see this course every year when they broadcast the Masters Tournament. If you’ve ever had the luxury of seeing the course live and in person, you’ll have new found appreciation of the course, even if you have a fancy new HDTV.
  3. Pebble Beach Golf Links: Again, another course which seemingly receives more than its fair share of televised coverage, playing at Pebble Beach will, as in the words of some recent players, simply blow your mind with respect to what a golf course is capable of being to the player as well as to the casual observer.
  4. Quintero Golf Club: This is one of those rare courses where its designer, Rees Jones specifically sought out this particular geographical place and decided to design a course for it rather than simply making the course design based upon an owners desire to have a club. If you’ve ever been to Southern Arizona for a round of golf, get ready for an amazing adventure.
  5. Winn Golf Club: Located in the heart of Las Vegas, the Winn Golf Club will have you stroking for gold all day long, and spending that gold in their fabulous casinos all night. More than just another course shoved into space near the Vegas Strip, the Winn course is over 7,000 yards of beautiful amenities, great bunkering, and immaculate conditions.

This list, of course, comprises a meager handful of examples of where one could play a fantasy round of golf. Once the golfer conquers these 5 courses, they should get prepared to experience numerous others as there are no shortage of unique and amazing golf course not only in the U.S. but the world round as well.



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